Action Bronson @ Kuudes Linja

We've been the best since I stepped in
Bring a hooker to the muthafuckin Jets Inn
In the sack, break her back like a Redskin
Need the dough like I'm trying to get the bread thin
Tree to make the head spin
Every season play the corner like I'm Revis
Light Ceaser, heavy bearded like I'm Jesus
New York City, Queens burrough be the backdrop
I bring it back to all the benches, need a blacktop
Big things, see me moving like a Sasquatch
Money I'm in pursuit, cuchillo inside the booth
Bitches are on display, give brain
Inside the coupe. Shift gears, that's with the left
Which means I'm on the right, get paid
By any means, you hold it, say goodnight kid

Vaikka Albanian kokki unohteli sanoja oli silti keikkaa pelkkää timanttia. Big up.

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