From Feeling Blue To Feeling Brand New

Dear Em´ and Cherry,

It´s been a while. A lot of things been going up and down, but in the end it´s all gravy. Since last time life gave me the boot and kicked me to the curb. I felt like I was falling and falling and the tarmac never came across. It was all blue.
Sometimes when life takes unexpected detours which can take you to a place you feel cold and unappriciated, no one can touch you, you miss the touch of an other human beign. Those are just the times when your will is measured and you can see how strong of a person you really are.

Our bodies are our tempeles, and from a good head can enjoy the whole body and soul. A smile can really heal. Smile, and recieve one, and the positive snowball effect starts to roll and grow bigger and bigger.
I´ve learned an important lesson in life.

Do not go buy kiwis from a shoe store.

Yes, that is correct. Think about that.

Since I said bye bye to Cherry in Los Angeles, I´ve decided to seek for short term goals and I have been chasing those dream like visions like a predator for it´s prey, and now I feel like I´ve reobtained my old place in the food chain.

Now after last times glum Rocketmans and all that stuff I really feel like life has been skyrocketing and the sky just dosen´t end. I feel fly as a space shuttle and cool as a rain puddle. Life on a fast lane.

And if the captain decides to keep the engine runnin I hopefully get to ride that Cherry´s lovely bike down at Abbot Kinney pretty soon. And it won´t be very long when I can already see us three in the park on a fresh cutted grass on a sunny day down at Espa, nibbling all the switches in our cameras and snapping pictures we´ll be mesmerizing for a long time.

Till then...

And again these pictures are weird, even tough Em´ keeps helping me and helping me, and both of you keep inspiring me with your ssoooo awesome photos, my hobby like experements with this Holga keeps going on.

Thank you both, and hope to see you guys soon.

All these pictures where taken with a Holga lomography camera in Miami last March, hope you enjoyed.

Please visit  for more beautiful lomography photos, with in letters send back and forth between Los Angeles and Helsinki.


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